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New Dawn Climber

Oh my goodness, do I love this time of year; Spring has to be my favorite season of the year. Almost overnight, everything turns green, and so many different shades of green!

A country drive is eye-popping with all of the different wild flowers blooming along the roads and highways in East Texas. And let’s not forget to mention how spectacular the dogwoods are again this year.


Let’s talk a little about roses. If you have not switched over to disease resistant roses, what are you waiting for? It is a huge world of anything you want to grow – climbers, drifts, miniatures, shrubs, etc. Actually, the list is endless with all of the different lines that have been developed in the disease resistant roses category. They have been created by several creators to grow in just about any weather condition, soil condition, sunny to shady areas.¬† Some even freeze back to the ground and then pop up in the Spring, year after year.

The ease of growing these roses is what will surprise you the most. You can throw away all of your disease control chemicals necessary to grow the hybrid roses my mom struggled season to season to grow. Disease resistant roses practically grow themselves after you plant them with just a little food, water, and pruning.

The “no limitations” beauty of the disease resistant rose line is another factor I truly appreciate. I have 18 planted in my yard at this point in time, and plan to plant more. Fences can handle climbers, my arbor loves Golden Showers, and the old clothes lines in my back yard is now a new home for Pinkie. This climber will consume the lines and posts in a few short years and be outstanding. I have a large lot around my house which I plan to turn into a walk-through rose garden.

It would be so difficult for me to pick my favorite.

When it comes to pruning, I love these roses. I can prune on them year-round if I want to control their size and shape. And I always prune them severely on February 14 and apply Bayer All-In-One Rose and Flower Care. They burst forth with new growth galore and buds a’plenty. Mine are all covered in so many buds, Easter in my yard is going to be spectacular!

If you are interested in expanding your gardening horizons into all kinds of gardening with tips and “tried and true” methods that really work, join me at www.annasrosegarden.com. You’ll find any kind of gardening that interests you. We are all gardeners!

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“Sunny” Knockout

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Plant Carefree Wonder today and enjoy carefree beauty for years!

Buy Carefree Wonder today and enjoy many years of carefree beauty!

Carefree Wonder

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The Oso Easy line of disease resistant roses is another outstanding line we are going to talk about. This beauty will add a spark to your yard or patio, for sure.

Buy Happy Candy Oh! today and enjoy for years!

Happy Candy Oh!

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This hardy landscape disease resistant rose forms a dense mounding habit that is deer resistant and attracts butterflies. It remains clean without ever spraying; so throw away the sprayer and enjoy this rose!

The flowering Candy Oh! shrub needs little maintenance and is a must have in a sunny area that is begging for some color!

This outstanding rose does not need deadheading, summer pruning, or winter protection.

In spring, it may be pruned to shape, and it is suggested that a time release fertilizer be applied.

This excellent Candy Oh! Rose requires full sun, and is a sweet landscape plant that will perform very well as an accent plant, in mixed borders, or even in a perennial garden!

* Multitudes of red blossoms!

* Deer resistant and attracts butterflies

* Blooms all summer long

Buy and Plant Belle Poitevine today and enjoy your disease resistant rose for years!

Belle Poitevine

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Striped Foliage and Large Magenta Pink Blooms

Belle Poitevine, Rosa ‘Belle Poitevine’, is a hardy rugose rose which was introduced in 1894. It is graced by dense, richly veined foliage.

The deep magenta-pink buds unfurl in early summer to informal warm magenta pink blooms that continue in fragrant waves until the arrival of frost. These blooms can be up to 4 inches across!

In fall, the foliage is transformed into a beautiful autumnal display of yellow and orange, accented perfectly by large orange-red fruit (hips). The decorative hips attract and feed birds in fall and winter.

This rose is grown on its own root so if it freezes down the old foliage, the plant will come back true to its color and size. It is winter hardy to zone 3.

‘Belle Poitevine’s’ blooms are fragrant and would make a good choice for a large hedge, especially in cooler climates.

A healthy, vigorous plant, it can reach 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Its’ hardy foliage is resistant to mildew, rust, and blackspot.

* Pink blooms on an always reliable plant.

* Disease Resistant

* Fall foliage colors of yellow and orange.

The convenience of online shopping is a wonderful consideration. When I think about driving, picking up, unloading, I like the idea of it being delivered to my door. You will find great guaranteed products at great prices, and offers of free shipping. I can plan an entire flowerbed and have everything delivered to my door, and the bed is in in a weekend.

Shop Online Today! This can be your one-stop shopping center for all of your garden supplies. What better time to start your Christmas shopping for those gardeners in your life.

  • Guaranteed plants shipped to your door
  • Gardening supplies researched for ease and comfort of use
  • ¬†Product reviews
  • Complete guide to carefree rose gardening

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    Grandma’s Blessing



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Birds in Your Rose Garden

One part of the outdoors I love are the birds. In my kitchen window garden, I have a bird feeder and a bird bath. The birds constantly entertain me; and the winter months are the most delightful when nothing is blooming, yet brightly colored birds fill the garden.

The Bird Shed

The earth laughs in flowers.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


When I think back on home, I remember my Mom’s roses in the back, and how the yard would smell in the Springtime and all through the summer as the roses bloomed and bloomed.

Grow disease resistant roses today!Grow disease resistant roses today!


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